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Category Count
Total Number of Downloads 30,493,082
Number of Downloads Yesterday 10,647

Latest Stable Version  •  Most-Downloaded Past Versions

Package Number of Downloads
TrueCrypt 7.1a (Windows) 6,520,271
TrueCrypt 7.1 (Windows) 1,460,087
TrueCrypt 7.0a (Windows) 3,368,671
TrueCrypt 6.3a (Windows) 2,142,596
TrueCrypt 6.2a (Windows) 1,101,840
TrueCrypt 6.1a (Windows) 1,428,729
TrueCrypt 6.0a (Windows) 1,005,665
TrueCrypt 4.3a (Windows) 1,218,079

Note: As there are many entities that host our files on their own servers, or distribute our files on magazine cover CDs, etc., it is virtually impossible to determine how many people have a copy of TrueCrypt.

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